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Success Stories

Our Bright and Shining Star

Danny Harrison was admitted to River Trace in 2013 after suffering a stroke. He was unable to care for himself at home and was admitted for therapy. On the day of admission he was assessed by the physical, occupational and speech therapy staff.  The resident was in need of extensive assistance for communication, bathing, dressing, toileting, transfers, functional mobility, standing balance and tolerance. He simply was unable to perform the simplest daily tasks that most of us take for granted.  Mr. Danny–as he liked to be called–was devastated about his condition; he was shy, quiet and doubted his ability to reach his goals.

During his stay, under the guidance of a loving and caring staff, he became more outgoing and confident. Soon Mr. Danny began communicating with the staff who encouraged and coached him as he progressed through his plan of care and began meeting his therapy goals. His progress with the Rehab Team went so well that he was eventually able to attend community outings to this favorite restaurants, including a trip to Burger King for a Whopper Jr.

By the day of his discharge, Mr. Danny had become a bright and shining star. He was an inspiration to residents and staff alike and was able to perform all of his ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) independently. He was able to walk around the facility using only a four wheeled walker and was proud and confident in his abilities. The staff at River Trace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is so proud of the outcome and our part in ensuring this gentleman was able to go home.